Glazed Tula Baby + Purl Lamb Baby Carrier

Glazed Tula Baby + Purl Lamb Baby Carrier

it's here! Tula Baby Carriers and Purl Lamb Glazed Donuts! Few things go together as well as sprinkles and glaze...but we think you'll agree that our newest collaboration is epically yummy! Our delicious design of donuts, featured on Tula as Free-to-Grow, Standard, Toddler, Mini and Coast Carriers!

Purl Lamb Tula Baby Glazed

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The PlayHouse Bed: The PERFECT Montessori Accessory!

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to create a "Life-Giving" home for my children. One of the ways I'm doing that is by giving them an environment where their imaginations can run wild. It's so important for little ones to have the freedom to dream big and think up new adventures. I'm beginning to fill my home with things that prompt them to play and explore.


One of the things I'm excited to add to our home is the PlayHouse Bed. The concept of a House Bed appears to have started with an Etsy shop called Sweet HOMEfromwood that's owned by a sweet girl in Latvia. The creator made these beds with the Montessori style of learning in mind. Montessori is when you work on developing your child's natural interests instead of using a formal teaching method. A lot of parents like this because it gives their little one the freedom to explore their own interests and become fully who they want to be, not what a formal education system molds them into.

Just because this method brings freedom, doesn't mean it's super laid-back. There's a lot of intention that goes into creating an environment that fits Montessori standards. Luckily, the PlayHouse Bed is a great addition to start with. This is a sturdily built frame that is the perfect skeleton for hours of playtime. Your little ones can play house, dress-up, and have all their tea parties in this sweet fort. It's a wonderful conversation piece for parents and it truly gives your child a building block for Montessori play.

The blank frame means that you can decorate this space any way you want and your child can have a say on everything from what bedding you use to what "roof" you place on top. Not only is this bed a great play tool, but it's also a wonderful sleep aid. Customize it with the best mattress you can find and your little one will be sleeping in no time. Many parents have found that giving their child a fun bed like this helps them to transition from crib to "big" bed easier, which makes this bed a total win for everyone!

Each one of these beds is handcrafted by North Carolina craftsmen, who place the highest value on a job well done. You can rest assured knowing that this bed is a worthwhile investment for your little one and yourself.

How do you promote imaginative play?
December 23, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner

Sucker Relief

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience, but at times, it can also be a very painful experience! Cracked, chaffed and sore nipples aren't a stranger to most breastfeeding Mamas. A good nipple salve is important, but you want to choose one that's healthy for both baby and you!

Purl Lamb's Sucker Relief is just that balm and more! First of all, how cute is that name? I am loving it! This salve is made with the purest, best moisturizing oils out there. This formula is made to do an amazing job with just a tiny bit of product and the best part? It's all completely safe for baby! Here's what this formula is packing:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonder product. You might have heard of it being used in sunscreens as a natural soother. It cools heated, irritated skin and provides instant relief. It's also a natural anti-depressant, which works almost instantaneously when absorbed into the skin.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin E, which means it helps fight off bad toxins. It deeply moisturizes while keeping a not-super-greasy texture. It smooths rough skin and helps regenerate skin cells.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter not only moisturizes the skin, but it also helps protect your natural oils. This is great because it helps replenish any oils that your skin may have lost while nursing! It also amps up your natural collagen production which helps chaffing to heal quicker.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil helps seal in any moisture that the skin already has and helps to create new moisture for what skin is lacking. This oil has a waxy base, similar to beeswax, so it's able to protect the skin well! You'll want this barrier because cracked nipples create a place that's easy for bacteria to come in and cause infection. But no worries! If you do get an infection, this oil helps fight that as well.

This salve is a must-have for any new Mama! It will save a lot of tears and heartache. There is nothing better than having peace of mind knowing that the products you use ae safe for your little one and yourself. Plus, this formula is one of the best I've seen!

How do you treat nursing pains?

December 16, 2016 by Buy X Get One Free

Greased Piggy Baby Oil

Greased Piggy Baby Oil is the perfect addition to your little one's bedtime routine! It's full of soothing scents and moisturizing ingredients that will smooth and soften baby's skin, naturally! Every ingredient used in this oil is pure and blended with little bodies in mind. There are no irritating ingredients or secretly toxic additives! Here are a few of my favorite ingredients:

Safflower Oil

Safflower Oil is one of the most gentle oils for skin. It improves the texture of skin because it's full of linoleic acid, which works with the natural sebum in skin to unclog pores and reduce rashes.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil is rich in the antioxidant Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps prevent disease and it even boosts your immune system. Applying products with this oil to the skin is a great, quick way to ingest this amazing helper.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil is full of Vitamins E, D, and C. While it moisturizes, it doesn't clog pores. It restores collagen, tightens skin and reduces the appearance of scars and other marks. This oil is what helps the whole blend sink quickly into the skin! It's a great ingredient to use if you have sensitive skin, so it is PERFECT for little ones.

Apricot Kernel Oil

This oil isn't widely heard of yet, but it is essential in creating a good moisturizing blend. Apricot Kernel Oil is light and gentle. It has a very faint smell, so it's a great carrier oil for other scents. It helps rehydrate dry skin and it doesn't leave any residue. This oil also helps with eczema!

Vanilla and Lavender Essential Oils

These are two of my all time favorite essential oils. Vanilla essential oil is an antioxidant, purging the skin of toxic ingredients. It also relaxes you and calms your nerves. It can soothe the fussiest of babies! Paired with Lavender oil it is unstoppable. Lavender is one of the best calming oils out there and it is used many times as a natural sleep aid.

To use this product, simply apply to slightly damp skin after a bath. This oil can be used for baby or for you!

December 09, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner

Sugar-Citrus Face Scrub

Face Scrubs are the perfect way to pamper yourself, especially in the Winter. I love the way that a good scrub makes my skin feel! Refreshed, bright and smooth. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a natural scrub, it's hard to find that feeling without ending up with a face full of grease!
What I love about Purl Lamb's Sugar-Citrus Face Scrub is that it gets the job done without any of the negative side effects. It's made with oils and fatty acids that peel the skin and soften it without leaving it looking like an oil slick!

Here are my favorite ingredients:


While I don't make a practice of eating this ingredient, I do love its help on my skin! It softens the skin and gently hydrates. It's less abrasive than a salt scrub or even an apricot scrub because the granules are smaller.

Coconut Oil

I'm sure you've heard a bit about this ingredient. It's basically the holy grail of natural beauty products! It really sinks into the skin fast, leaving it moisturized but not greasy. It smells like the beach and it contains a lot of antioxidants!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Not only is this ingredient great for acne prone skin, but it also helps your skin open itself up to all the good things in life like Vitamin C and increased collagen production. Using it on your face is a great natural anti-aging component.

Natural Beeswax

This is a great natural skin protector. It creates a thin barrier over the skin, making sure that any moisturizing agents stay put. It also helps moisturize and soothes any temporary itching or rashes. Though it's a thick consistency, it actually can help exfoliate as well.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E blocks chemicals and toxins that speed up the aging process. It helps smooth wrinkles and fade dark spots.

As always, every ingredient used in this scrub is of the highest quality. This scrub is simple to use; just wet your face and massage the scrub into your face with a circular motion. Rinse well, pat dry and you're done! Enjoy your beautiful skin.
December 02, 2016 by Bold Commerce

Refresh my Soul-Rose Spritzer

I just love products that do multiple things, don't you? Not only do these products save you money, but they also take up less space. Purl Lamb's Refresh my Soul-Rose Spritzer is one of the best multi-taskers I've seen in awhile!

You can use it as a body splash to refresh your scent. You can use it as a room freshener to set the mood and relax your mind. You can use it on your face, as a facial toner. You can also use it as a hair rinse. If you're someone who has a busy schedule or is on the go a lot, this is a product highly worth investing in.

This spritzer uses purified water, so you don't have to worry about getting any toxins on your skin or hair. Using purified water means that you're getting the best of the best!

This spritzer contains just one other ingredient-Rose essential oil. Rose essential oil has a lovely, feminine scent. It instantly takes you to a beautiful garden. This oil is an antiseptic, killing bacteria. It's an anti-depressant and an astringent. It helps balance your uterus in pregnancy, lift your spirits and cleanse the body.

Rose oil protects your body from excess germs, so having this on you at all times in the winter is key! If you need a boost in the romance department, this oil has you covered. The very scent is known to boost libido and give you romantic feelings.

This spritzer really does work wonders on your hair and skin. It's astringent qualities strengthen your hair at the roots and it tones your skin, making it clear and glowy. I personally love the fact that this oil helps fade scars, burns, and acne. This is because rose oil helps your skin heal faster than it ever could on it's own!

If you struggle with your period, this spritzer can help you. Rose oil is known to trigger the hormone that causes your menstruation, making periods regular. It also eases cramps, which is always a bonus!

I am so excited to have found a product that not only multitasks but also sends out a super-agent to cure most of my womanly woes! Whether I need a romance, beauty, or hormone fix, this spritz is my go to girl!
November 25, 2016 by Bold Commerce

I'm So Pregnant!-Belly Oil

Have you ever tried a belly oil? If not, you really should! A belly oil helps tone your skin and prevent stretch marks. I used one with my last pregnancy and it worked wonders! Keeping your belly moisturized during pregnancy is key to keeping stretch marks and spots at bay. It's also a great pamper routine!

Purl Lamb's belly oil is full of great ingredients that will help tighten skin, fade stretch marks and prevent new ones from forming. You can use this belly oil before, during, or after pregnancy. Here are some of my favorite benefits:

Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil is such a wonder ingredient. It's a great moisturizer, it smells good and it brightens skin. It also firms skin and promotes healthy skin cell renewal, so dull cells shed faster. Grapeseed also strengthens your skin, making it less likely to form stretch marks.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil smooths the skin, helping fill in those stretch marks. It's a great source of moisture for the skin and it helps your body generate collagen, which keeps skin looking tight.

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia Oil is one of those awesome moisturizers that quickly dissolves into your skin without making it feel greasy. It's full of fatty acids that cause your skin to regenerate. It treats lined and weathered skin so well!

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil isn't widely heard of, so let me give you the low-down. This oil helps with acne, stretch marks, dry skin, skin rashes, scarring and more. It's taken fom Tamanu nuts. This magic oil is even known to cure cystic acne!

Jasmine and Lavender Essential Oils

Essential oils are for so much more than scent enhancing. They are powerhouses! Jasmine essential oil will lift your mood, help fade stretch marks, help you rest, tone your uterus and even decrease your labor pains.

Lavender helps fight fatigue and anxiety. It also has a pleasant floral scent.

I think this belly oil contains so many wonderful ingredients. It's a whole team of pure oils fighting to help your skin stay smooth and supple. Add this product to your pregnancy care routine and start glowing!

November 18, 2016 by Bold Commerce

Bum-Bum Diaper Cream

Diaper rashes are a fact of life and so are the many, many options for treating them. I found that using traditional diaper rash creams might clear up a rash, but it left my little ones with flaky, dry skin which is almost as bad! If you've experienced the same issues I have, you'll be so happy to hear about Purl Lamb's Bum-Bum Cream. This cream is a preventative step that will keep those rashes at bay!

This diaper cream is to be used after each diaper change and bath to keep skin protected and moisturized. It has amazing ingredients that are pure and all natural, so you don't have to worry about toxins.

Here are some of the beneficial ingredients:


Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera Extract moisturizes skin, fights bumps and is full of good nutrients that get absorbed into the skin.


Safflower Oil

Safflower Oil boosts skin health, making your little one's skin less likely to get a rash. It also creates a barrier on the skin.


Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant. It also reduces inflammation, so if wards off rashes as they start.


Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a wonder ingredient. It deeply moisturizes and smells amazing. It helps retain moisture in the skin. It smoothes rough skin and reduces redness.


Apricot Kernel Oil

This isn't a widely popular ingredient, though it should be! Apricot Kernel Oil creates a smooth texture in lotions and creams. It's commonly used as a massage oil because of its slippery texture. It's antibacterial, so it helps keep germs at bay. It's also antiseptic so it speeds the healing of existing wounds and reduces the risk of infection in microscopic cuts and abrasions.



This is one of my favorite veggies! Cucumber revitalizes dull skin, speeds up cell renewal, and reduces puffiness. It helps tighten open pores and soothes skin that's irritated.


Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender's scent calms little one's nerves. It also calms angry skin. It has antioxidants galore and it helps reduce inflammation.

Are you excited about this diaper cream yet? I've seen amazing results with just a week's use!
November 11, 2016 by Bold Commerce

Bubble Head Bath Wash for Littles!

It can be hard to find bath products for little ones that aren't loaded with fake ingredients. Those fake ingredients cause dry skin, skin irritations and can even be toxic!


Purl Lamb Organic's new Bubble Head: Lavender+Rosemary Bath Wash is the perfect solution to this dilemma. It smells amazing, lathers perfectly and tots are bound to love using it. Plus, there are quite a few health benefits to this soap thanks to the pure ingredients it uses. I trust this body wash so much that I let me little one put it on himself!

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is rich in Vitamin A and E. It also contains potassium, iron, and zinc! Placing this oil on your skin gives you a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Vitamin B5

This is a wonder vitamin that improves the appearance of skin by making it look more elastic. Mama's, feel free to sneak some of this in your bath too!

Marigold Calendula


Marigold Calendula is a great natural moisturizer. It works especially well on chapped skin. It soothes the area and even reduces pain. Bonus: You can also use this ingredient on muscle sprains!


Burdock Root

Burdock Root isn't just a moisturizer, it also treats eczema and other common childhood skin irritations.

Nettle Leaf

Research is just starting on the benefits of this one, but so far, it's been found to help with allergies, clear psoriasis and eczema and protect skin.

White Grapefruit Essential Oil

This naturally uplifts the spirit, promotes good mood, helps the user to focus and is an antiseptic.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil eliminates tension, relieves pain, and naturally calms little ones.

Rosemary Essential Oil

This oil protects skin and is a natural disinfectant. It also is known to boost memory.

Simply put, this is the perfect body wash for your children. It calms them, helps boost their focus, protects their skin and heals most skin issues.

What is your favorite way to calm your little one?

November 04, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
Hoodies with Personality!!

Hoodies with Personality!!

Our new collection is now LIVE!!!

We are so excited to share with you our new collection of Hoodies With Personality !!

All of our hoodies now have lined hoods for added warmth and comfort with a pop of fun!

Our hoodies are fun, organic, and comfortable. Ethically made by Fair trade artisans with organic dyes and processes.

All our designs are one of a kind and original – once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Most of our deigns can be Mix & Matched so check out some suggestions below.


Original trademark raglan hoodie design by PURL LAMB

November 02, 2016 by Nicole Hager