5 Ways to Celebrate Spring


Spring is here and with the new season comes so many fun activities to do with your little ones! Welcome Spring with one of these fun activities!

A Party!

A party is a great way to celebrate the new season. Think bright colors, flowers, outdoor activities and possibly even colorful treats that are Spring themed, like these healthy fruit snacks!


Nature Walk!

What better way to welcome Spring than by getting outside? Creating a fun nature walk for your child is an easy way to burn off extra energy and learn something. You can create a scavenger hunt by having them look for certain Spring themed items like a leaf or a flower bud. You can also gather items for a collage or press leaves and flowers. The possibilities are endless!



Spring Clean!

This one benefits you more than anything, but it's still a great way to say, "Out with the old, in with the new!". Teach your child responsibility by giving them age-appropriate chores. Even the littlest in your family can do simple tasks like throwing things away or putting clothes in the laundry bin. Spring cleaning will not only get something accomplished, but it can also be a great way to bond. If this suggestion sounds like a drag, feel free to amp up the fun factor a bit by playing loud music, or creating a game out of it!


Go Out For a Special Treat!

Create a tradition that's all your own by going out for a special treat to celebrate warmer temperatures. Smoothies, ice cream, and frozen yogurt are all fun options that just beg to be enjoyed in warmer weather. Extra points if you can eat outside! You could also have a picnic, bonfire or grill out. Don't forget the fun outdoor games!

Be a Tourist!

Spring has a way of making even the most basic things beautiful. Look online or ask around about fun activities. Many towns have special festivals, concerts or library programs when the weather changes. This can be a great way to give your children the gift of being content with where they are.

Celebrations aren't just for big events. Learning to celebrate the seemingly mundane things in life brings a bit of magic to ordinary situations. Spring is a time for new things, so use this opportunity to start celebrating the small stuff!
March 25, 2016 by Irina Hubbard
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