5 Fun Outdoor Games to Play This Summer

Warmer temperatures are almost here and little ones aren't going to want to stay inside much longer! Make this summer fun for them with these unique outdoor activities!

Water Fun!

Playing in the water is a timeless way to cool down. I'm sure you remember playing in a sprinkler or a Slip-N-Slide when you were younger. I know I was entertained for hours! There are so many different water toys you can purchase now, but I prefer to make my own water fun. One of my favorite things to do is to create a "pouring station". I'll take a few old measuring cups, bowls, utensils and place them in a large Rubbermaid container. I fill the container with some water and sometimes a little bit of bubble bath and let my child go crazy! You can add some little things to the bottom of the container for sensory play if you'd like.



Nothing is more special to a child than having an outdoor picnic. We take an old blanket and some finger foods outside. Picnics don't have to be a whole meal and if you have toddlers, it might be best if it wasn't! I like to make a special, yet still healthy treat. Fresh fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese and maybe even a smoothie are our favorite picnic foods.


Scavenger Hunts!

A scavenger hunt is fun because it can be easily customized for a child of any age. For little ones, you can keep it simple by looking for a leaf or flower. For older children, it can be more of a learning experience. Learn about a certain type of leaf, animal or flower and go on a hunt to find that exact one. You can even have a prize for the person who finds it first! 



Out of the Ordinary Adventures!

This takes a little more planning than the other activities, but it can create some fun memories! Plan a small trip to somewhere that your children don't usually go, like an out of town park, pool, or zoo. We like to stay within a couple of hours from home. It's a fun surprise and a great way to welcome warmer temperatures!

Getting outdoors this summer creates fun memories, gives you a chance to bond with your family and it prevents summer break boredom.

What do you like to do outside?



May 06, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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