4 Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Child's Day

4 Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Child's Day

During the summer, kid's get in total chill mode. This is great for their sanity but horrible for their energy. While vegging out in front of the TV might keep your kids quiet, it doesn't do much for their healthy. Here are some fun ways to make fitness a priority this summer.

Lead By Example

If your kids see Mom and Dad having fun and getting fit, they'll want to do it too. Make fitness a family activity. Go on bike rides together. Take long walks in scenic areas and play an organized ball game. I like to let my little one do my exercise videos with me. Some families prefer to get a family gym membership, so if you're super serious about getting fit, this might be a good investment for you!


Be Tricky

Add fitness to your child's day in sneaky ways like purchasing active video games (We love Wii games!) or by playing games like Red Rover, Tag and Duck Duck Goose. One of my favorite ways to sneak fitness in is to have a dance party. We blare loud music and get crazy!


Cut Screen Time

If your child is having a hard time pulling away from the video games and Netflix, it might be time to set screen time boundaries. A popular idea is to create a chart that says, "No screen time until.." and fill it with activities like read x pages in a book, play outside for a few minutes, etc.  You can make your own chart that's more fitness friendly by including physical activities like chores, exercises, bike rides, etc.


Think Outside the Box

The main complaint that parents hear from little ones who don't want to go outside is that "it's booooring!". This is when it's time to start thinking outside the box. Many adults won't incorporate fitness into their lives if it's boring, so why should kids? Take your kids to a new park or pool to give them a change of scenery. One of my favorite ways to switch things up is to find a new trail to walk in. Get creative. Ask your kid's what they'd find fun or check out Pinterest for some ideas.

Fitting physical activity in your child's day will not only help their fitness levels, but it will also teach them healthy habits.

How do you find fitness?
May 13, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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