3 Things to Do Before You Blow Up

3 Things to Do Before You Blow Up

A day in the life of a Mama. There are ups, like hearing that little voice say, "I love you!". There are also downs, like when your toddler gets into your pantry and dumps baking soda everywhere (not that I know anyone who has had that happen recently!). With the rollercoaster of events, it's easy for our emotions to run raw and completely explode. Here's your action plan for the next time you have a topsy-turvy day. It's a simple list of things to do before you blow up!

Put It in Perspective

In the moment, the drawing on the wall seems like a huge crisis. But, in the grand scheme of life, it's really just a blip on the map. Making an effort to see things as they really are will help prevent unnecessary blowups. I try to ask myself, "Is the damage done really worth the damage that my anger would do to a little spirit?" The answer to that is always a big NO!


Take a Few Deep Breaths

Or "belly breathe!" as my toddler says. Take a few deep breaths before you react. Even if you take a 10-second delay, it gives you a chance to get your head on straight. Deep breathing on its own is powerful, bringing an extra dose of oxygen to the brain, but if you use it in those tough situations it becomes a total game changer. It instantly calms you and clears the fog from your Mama brain. If you want to go deeper into this practice, start  learning yoga! I love watching YouTube videos and have learned so much!


Practice Fair Discipline

Choosing to keep a level head at all times definitely doesn't mean that you let everything go. If there's a situation that requires discipline, by all means, discipline. But, discipline fairly. By not overreacting, you're able to win your child's heart, which is more important than releasing your crazy emotions anyways! One of the ways my family practices fair discipline is to make sure there's a certain level of consistency. For every infraction, there is a specific consequence, whether that's taking a toy away or time out. This way the child knows what to expect and there's already a set punishment in place, so acting on raw emotions isn't an option.

Keep Yourself Filled

It's important to keep yourself in a good state mentally, physically and emotionally. This makes it easier to positively pour into the lives of others. It also means that one little thing isn't going to send you over the edge. Get enough sleep, find a fitness routine you love, eat well, and maybe even include some homeopathic calming things into your life. I personally love calming essential oils like lavender!

The more that our children see us making wise choices where our emotions are concerned the more they will do the same. How do you keep your emotions in check when disciplining?

June 24, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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