6 Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

6 Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

Summer is almost over which means one thing: Fall is nearly here. I've been motivated to create a Fall bucket list full of fun things to do with my little family. Here are a few things on my list. Feel free to add them to yours!

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are everywhere and are a great outing for families. Not only do you get to pick your own pumpkin to decorate, but many patches have fun things like corn mazes and hayrides!


Fall Baking

I love baking Fall-themed treats with my little ones. Our favorite thing to bake is sugar cookies that are cut in the shapes of leaves and acorns. We'll ice them with an orange or green sugar glaze. Another great option is anything pumpkin spice flavored!


Leaf Collages

This is a simple craft that's fun for all ages. It's as easy as going on a hunt for pretty leaves that have fallen off trees and gluing them onto a sheet of paper. Little ones love using a glue stick by themselves, while older kids adore making masterpieces. They also make great decorations for the house!


Blessing Tree

This is a great craft to do around Thanksgiving time. Make a tree trunk out of construction paper. Go online and search for "Leaf templates". Print the templates and trace around them on a sheet of Fall-colored construction paper. Cut out the leaves and write something you're grateful for on them. It's fun to see how the blessing tree changes each year, so be sure to get your kids involved! This is a fun keepsake and it gets everyone's minds in a grateful state.


Fall Party

This is something that I can't wait to do! I'm planning on making caramel apples and apple cider, playing fun games, and possibly having a bonfire after. Plan your own Fall party, or better yet, let your kids plan it for you! Invite your friends and family and create memories. Don't forget the Fall themed photo props!


Chili Cook-Off

Here's another fun thing to do with your family and friends. Host a chili cook-off where everyone makes their favorite chili recipe. Award prizes for different things like most unique, best tasting, hottest, etc. Make sure to take advantage of all the side goodies like cornbread!

What's on your Fall bucket list?
July 22, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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