How to Establish Family Traditions

Family traditions are a wonderful way to bring your family together. Traditions create memories that last a lifetime and they add an aspect to your family history that is uniquely yours. When creating a tradition, you’ll want to choose things that are doable, enjoyable and fit your families unique needs. There are so many different traditions you can incorporate. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Family Night

I absolutely love the idea of having a family night. Once a week, set aside an evening for family fun! Play a board game, create artwork or watch a movie. Take it outside and have a bonfire, act like tourists in your town or go for ice cream. Make sure to bring out the big stuff like special snacks, drinks etc. You want this to be enjoyable for the whole family, so ask their opinions. You can also take turns choosing what to do. This can be a great way to learn more about the people in your family.

Create Tradition with a Special Meal

Creating tradition with a special meal is a great way to pass down a bit of yourself to generations to come. A great example of a meal tradition would be to make your pizzas from scratch whenever possible. Perfect a homemade dough recipe (We like this one!), create your own pizza sauce and determine the best toppings possible. Meals tend to bring people together, so whenever your family makes this special meal, expect some soul-sharing moments to happen!


Creating family rituals is a great way to place your unique stamp on daily life. A ritual can be something as specific as having a family quiet time each day where you read something inspiring together, or it can be as vague as always doing an outdoor activity on Sundays. Rituals are comforting and if they are fun, they can be something to look forward to on rough days.

Birthday Traditions

Holidays are one of the easiest times to create traditions. Birthdays, specifically, are a great starting point. Think of something unique you can do to celebrate the birthday boy or girl. It might be Funfetti pancakes for breakfast, a pajama day, a special outing or even a special gift you give each year. Maybe you’ll come up with your own silly song or tell the celebrated person all the things you love about them. Be creative with your traditions and have fun!

Traditions are a great way to leave your special mark for generations to come. What traditions does your family have?
February 10, 2016 by Irina Hubbard
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