How to Give Your Kids a Love of Reading

How to Give Your Kids a Love of Reading

Were you a child who loved to read? I was! I used to spend hours reading stacks upon stacks of books. Then, technology updated and I was introduced to cable TV and video games. My reading time was drastically reduced! I decided that I want my children to grow up with a love of reading that stays consistent, so I decided to include a few things into my parenting style:


Nearly every day, I'm reading a classic book out loud to my children. You can find us reading books like, "Little House on the Prairie", " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Ramona". Not only do we get extra snuggles, but my littles are introduced to a whole world they might've never seen! Hint: Being extra dramatic helps keep their attention. They like funny voices and to help act out scenes.


Age-Appropriate Books

Nothing frustrates a child more than not being able to understand something they're reading. When you're giving a child a book, make sure that it's not too challenging. It should be enough to stretch them,but not enough to frustrate them or make them not enjoy the story. I do this by giving my little ones fun board books with bright colors, cool textures, and funny stories.


Pick Books that are of Interest

If you want a child to continue to love reading, you have to make it interesting for them. My Mom did a great job of this by letting us read books about things we were interested in. I incorporate this into my own parenting style by paying attention to what my children are interested in at the moment and finding books to read to them about that topic. We've had a great time learning about bugs, bats and the real story behind their beloved Winnie the Pooh!

Be an Example

I want my children to see Mama reading just as much, if not more than they do! I'm making an effort to read my books in front of my little ones and to talk about what I'm excited to be learning each day. Often, they'll see me reading and want to pull out their books too!

Reading opens up many doors for our kids, not only in the learning world, but also worlds of imagination. How do you make reading a priority in your family?

September 16, 2016 by Bold Commerce
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