Kids And The Grocery Store

When you just don't have anyone to leave your kids with, that's when you take them to the grocery store. And, if you're a stay at home mom then you know that this happens more than you care to share. What is bad about taking your kids to the grocery store, you ask?


Well, imagine little chimps in a prorcelan store, driving a safari jeep. At least that's what my grocery trips look like with my three little monkeys. 


However we all know that once bed time hits and all things have settled and every child has fallen asleep, you wouldn't trade any of it for the world. Heck I sometimes feel guilting for yelling at the driver for crashing the jeep. But that's just me... 

Grocery Store: Whole Foods // Monkey' top: Purl Lamb // Monkey's Pants: Matilda Jane