The 15 Minute Mama Beauty Routine

The 15 Minute Mama Beauty Routine

I don't know about you, but since I had primping time has gone from virtually unlimited to..zilch. The problem is, if I don't take a few minutes for myself at the beginning of each day, my self-esteem goes down and I'm not as prepared to tackle my to-do list. So, I perfected the 15 minute Mama routine. Here it is:

Foundation and Concealer

Foundation can make a world of difference. It makes you look put together and gives you a blank canvas. It covers everything with just a quick sweep! I like to put a few drops on over my moisturizer and blend quickly with a brush. If I am sleep-deprived, I'll add a swipe of undereye concealer.



This instantly brightens up a face. I choose a universal shimmery pink shade because it looks natural. You can place this on the apples of your cheeks for a rosy glow, or under your cheekbones for more definition.


Neutral Eyeshadow

I don't like to fuss with my eyeshadow when I have a busy day. Ain't nobody got time for that! I use a neutral pallet from the drugstore that has just three shades. A light brown, a cream for highlighting and a slightly darker brown for definition. It takes just a couple minutes to put this on and it gives your eyes a little bit of sparkle and polish!



Mascara can instantly make you look more awake, especially if you have naturally sparse or light eyelashes. I use just one swipe to finish my eyes.


Easy Hairstyles

My beauty routine has to include some sort of hairstyle! This is challenging most days, but I've found a few simple styles that are cute and functional. "Scrunch" and go waves are my current favorite. You just wash your hair and while the hair is wet, spray hair spray on your hair and "Scrunch" your hair using your hands. This generally gives a cute air-dried look that's fairly effortless. Bonus: You minimize heat damage too!

You don't have to completely cut out primping from your life! Just use your time wisely, choose to highlight your features in a simple way and you'll be prepared to take on your day.

What's your favorite feature?
September 30, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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