When will you restock?!

At Purl Lamb we love to create. Ideas start flowing and they won't stop. Oh Joy! It's a good thing! Ok, back to the question... We don't restock sold out items, unless there is a HUGE demand which there has been, therefore we plan to create an Exclusive Signature Line that will always be in stock.


How do I wash my goodies?

Simple; stick it in the washer, add phosphate free detergent and press start. Once done lay it flat to dry. 


How does Purl Lamb fit?

Please see our sizing chart here.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! To Taza and across the globe!


Where are you located?

Charlotte, NC


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, please email us minimums and rates at info@purllamb.com


Can I host a giveaway featuring Purl Lamb?

If you're interested in hosting a giveaway for us on your blog or Instagram, please email us your info at info@purllamb.com .