Baby’s First Birthday: What to Do, What Not to Do


Fewer events are more exciting than your baby’s first birthday. As parents, our natural tendency is to do our best to create the perfect day for our little one. Between the cake, party, presents, adorable outfits and Pinterest boards galore, it’s easy to become overwhelmed! There are some simple guidelines, however, that will help you navigate the waters of the planning and execution of your child’s first birthday party.

Do: Set Realistic Expectations

There is no such thing as a perfect experience. Your child might hate his birthday outfit, throw cake on the walls or choose to have the world’s worst tantrum. Keep your expectations level and reasonable for your child’s age and your situation. Giving your child (and yourself!) grace is key to being able to enjoy this special day.

Don’t: Stress

As the chief party planner, it’s easy to get stressed out. Take a deep breath, go with the flow and just let things happen! Stressing out about the small stuff takes away from what is really important. Your loved ones aren’t going to remember the Pinterest perfect details, but they will remember the atmosphere of the party.

Do: Keep It Simple

Simplicity will save you a lot of trouble, so simplify where you can! Try paper products instead of china, easily made foods instead of gourmet options and a simple cake instead of an elaborate one made from scratch. Little ones get overwhelmed easily, so cutting a few things out isn’t going to hurt them!

Don’t: Do It Alone

Your friends and family are there to help make your little one’s day as special as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance with the party details! Enlist loved ones to bring food, help decorate or give their best party planning ideas. Chances are, they’d be honored that you asked!

Do: Document the Day

The most important part of your child’s first birthday is creating a memory that will last forever. This special day only comes once, so document it the best you can. Have a friend take pictures, keep a little box of party reminders (candles, invitation, etc.), or create a scrapbook of the day. You can even create a home movie with your guest’s wishes and blessings for your child! Be creative and have fun!

Creating a great day for your child doesn’t have to be hectic. By using the above guidelines, you can execute a wonderful party for everyone.