5 Nourishing Baby Food Combinations

A great way to nourish your baby is to make homemade baby food. Not only will you know exactly what your baby is eating, but you get to have the fun of customizing their meals. You can introduce your baby to virtually any combination of food that they’re ready to eat, adding safe spices and other flavors to expose their pallets to new things. The great thing about these recipes is that they can easily be frozen for later. Here are a few of my favorite baby food combinations:


Blueberries, Spinach, and Applesauce

This is a bright, fruity puree that has a secret ingredient: Spinach. The spinach goes unnoticed thanks to the strong flavors of the fruit. Simply blend ½ C. fresh or thawed frozen blueberries, ½ C. Applesauce and 1 C. packed spinach in your blender.

 Avocados and Bananas

This is a simple mix that brings a lot of healthy fat to your baby’s diet! This puree is so creamy and delicious, it tastes like ice cream! This is safe even for babies who are just starting their solids journey. Mash one avocado with one banana. No blender involved!


Chicken, Rice, and Carrots

This blend is for older babies who have been eating solids for a few months. Take 1 cooked chicken breast, ½ C. cooked rice and ½ C. steamed carrots. Blend until smooth. This gives your baby much-needed protein and is a wonderful way to introduce meat to their diet.


Oatmeal and Bananas

This is a great breakfast recipe for your little one! Simple cook ¼ C. Oatmeal, add a little extra water and ½ a mashed banana. Sweet and hearty!


Quinoa and Sweet Potatoes

This is a bright, fun puree that gives your little one the benefits of gentle carbs with the added health benefits of sweet potatoes. This is one of those recipes that will fill your baby up, so it’s great to feed them before bed! Steam ½ of a sweet potato and ¼ C. quinoa. Add about a tablespoon of liquid (bone broth is great!) and blend until smooth.

Making baby food doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. A lot of parents prefer to have one day where they create all of their recipes for the next month. Freezing any excess isn’t hard at all: Just take an ice cube tray or mold, spoon any extra puree into the compartments and freeze until solid. You can store these cubes in a freezer bag for about a month.

What creative combinations can you come up with?

March 11, 2016 by Irina Hubbard
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