4 Ways to Find Peace

4 Ways to Find Peace

I've been thinking a lot about solitude and peace lately. I know many of you Mama's are enjoying the peace and quiet that comes from little ones going back to school, but there are quite a few of us who either homeschool or have tinies that aren't school aged yet. When you're a stay at home Mama, it's hard to find peace and quiet. I've learned that it's about quality over quantity and you need to find ways to maximize the time that you do have.

Here are a few ways to maximize those moments of peace and quiet:


Do Something You Adore

Not something you like. Not even something you sort of love..but something you adore. Taking those few moments out of your day to draw, read a few verses of poetry or even journal can refresh you quickly. It gives you that deep form of refreshment that stays with you all day, instead of a shallow fix that disappears.


Listen to Something Motivating

If you have a few spare moments, nourish your soul by listening to something motivating. Whether it's a sermon, uplifting music or even a motivational podcast, these things can boost your mood and bring peace. If you need an extra dose of peace, try listening to a guided meditation tape.


Get By Yourself

The best way to find peace is to get alone. My own Mother used to take drastic measures to find solitude, including driving to get the mail by herself (we had a long lane!) and even locking herself in the bathroom for a few minutes. While you might not need that drastic of measures, there is a huge benefit to getting alone, even for just a few seconds. There's a certain level of peace that comes from being able to gather your thoughts.


Make it a Habit

Set a goal to make time for peace for just 5 minutes a day every day. Making this a habit ensures that you have a lifestyle of peace and you're more likely to be able to find even more inspiring moments in your day. If possible, set a certain time every day for this. Make sure you let your children know that this is "your" time.

How do you find peace in your day? What's your favorite thing to do? Have you ever meditated?
August 19, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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