5 Realistic Things to Expect from Your Child this School Year

5 Realistic Things to Expect from Your Child this School Year

We've all heard of those parents who have unrealistically high expectations. Maybe you were even raised by them! While we all want our kid's to succeed in life, there is such a thing as placing too much pressure on them. Here are a few realistic expectations you can have:

Be a Good Friend

Be kind to other children. Share. Treat other kids with respect. Those are some of the things that a good friend is made of. Emphasizing the importance of being a good friend will make loving people be second nature to your child.


Take Responsibility

When your child makes a mistake, expect them to take responsibility for it and own up to what they've done wrong. Expect them to say sorry and to make things right the best way they can.


Help Out

It's realistic to expect your child to help with the household chores. After all, they live there too! Even a two-year-old can do basic things like clean up their toys and help make their bed. A lot of parents like to give allowances for the completion of these chores to sweeten the deal a bit.


Respect their Teachers

I've heard so many horror stories from teachers who get disrespected on a daily basis. They get sassed, sworn at, things are thrown at them..you wouldn't believe the things these teachers endure! Teach your child to respect their teachers. Teach them to help their teacher where they can and to not join in the disrespectful attitude that their peers have.


Stand Up For the Underdog

I'm sure if you ask your child, they'll tell you that they've witnessed some form of bullying. Bullying is a hot topic in many chat rooms and forums, but we rarely talk about it in our homes. Expect your child to stand up for those who are being bullied. This doesn't mean coming to their defense every time the underdog gets a mean word thrown their way, but rather befriending those kids. It means that your child helps include them and make them feel loved. It also means that your child tells someone in charge when they witness bullying.

What things do you expect from your children during the school year? The best way to make sure your expectations are known is to communicate them!
September 02, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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