How to Decorate a House With Little Ones

How to Decorate a House With Little Ones

You scroll through Pinterest, taking in all of the gorgeously decorated homes. Then you sigh. You think, "There's no way my house could be that cute! I have little ones!" Think again! You can still have the house of your dreams, you just have to adjust your vision a little. Here's how to do it.

Loosen Your Standards

This might seem like a downer, but if you give up the idea of a perfectly decorated home that isn't possible, you'll be able to have a nicely decorated home right now. When you have kids, you can't always have the white interior, glass coffee table, and delicate china. That doesn't mean that you can't take a few elements of your style and incorporate them into your home! Consider the things that you adore and compromise. A good example would be to have a few white throw pillows and maybe a display of good china instead of the white couch and delicate dishes.


Pay Less

If you're going to decorate in the midst of children who like to break things..don't pay full price. In fact, make thrifting and antiquing your new best friend. You can find so many great deals on attractive home decor items for less. This also sparks your creativity and gives you a new sense of style. Hint: Farmhouse and shabby chic styles are made for thrifting!


Strategic Placing

The best thing I have ever done is to place all my pretty decorating items out of reach. Whether it's a vase of flowers on a bookshelf, or a centerpiece on a kitchen island, little hands can't break anything and I can still enjoy it. Walls are a great thing to use for strategic placing, so stock up on pretty paintings and shelves for your knick-knacks.


Work With the Kids

A home should be comfortable for everyone who lives there. This means that any decor we choose should accommodate our kids as well. You might have to completely change your style to make everyone comfortable, but it is well worth it to have a put together home. I used to be a huge fan of modern decor but realized that it is much easier to enjoy farmhouse decor with little ones. The rustic look tends to work with any scratches or spills that happen and you don't have to worry about accidents ruining your whole look!

What's your favorite decorating style? How do you decorate with little ones?
August 05, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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