Introducing..Purl Lamb Organics Body Butter

The Purl Lamb office has been busy creating an AMAZING new organic skin care line for Mama and Baby. Seriously, you are going to LOVE these products! We're going to talk about them for a couple of weeks so you get the inside scoop on exactly why these items are must-haves!
The Body Butter is your new secret weapon this winter. It's a thick cream that deeply moisturizes without any greasy residue! You don't need to use as much as you do with a typical lotion and it lasts all day. It has a faint vanilla scent that is so warm and cozy.
Body Butter has some of the best ingredients that make it extra good for your skin. Here are a few of the best: 
Sunflower Seed Oil
Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is a major antioxidant. Sunflower Seed oil gives your skin extra protection from the sun and it can also boost your immune system. Expect to see a healthy glow soon!
Soya Bean Oil
The antioxidants in this ingredient reduce the appearance of acne scarring on the body and it stimulates new cell growth, making you skin soft and clear.
Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil was originally used by Native Americans to cure just about any skin ailment. Sunburn and chapped skin saw wonderful results from its application. It's known to cause the skin to "heal itself", making it the perfect moisturizer.
Beeswax is the ultimate protecting agent. It gives skin a protective cover while still allowing it to breathe. It has antibacterial properties that make it a must-have when treating any skin irritation.
Aloe Vera
Mama's rejoice! Aloe vera is here to help lessen the appearance of stretch marks! Not only does it help with post-partum marks, but it also fights signs of aging.
Chamomile soothes the skin while moisturizing it. It also reduces your skins irritants my neutralizing its PH balance.
Vanilla Essential Oil
Not only does vanilla help the lotion to smell good, but it also gives it a relaxing boost! Vanilla is known to be a natural anti-depressant, sedative and it also gives off an aphrodisiac air. Sounds like the perfect massage oil to me!
Body Butter contains only the best quality ingredients, so you know your skin is getting only the purest treatment!
October 21, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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