Sugar-Citrus Face Scrub

Face Scrubs are the perfect way to pamper yourself, especially in the Winter. I love the way that a good scrub makes my skin feel! Refreshed, bright and smooth. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a natural scrub, it's hard to find that feeling without ending up with a face full of grease!
What I love about Purl Lamb's Sugar-Citrus Face Scrub is that it gets the job done without any of the negative side effects. It's made with oils and fatty acids that peel the skin and soften it without leaving it looking like an oil slick!

Here are my favorite ingredients:


While I don't make a practice of eating this ingredient, I do love its help on my skin! It softens the skin and gently hydrates. It's less abrasive than a salt scrub or even an apricot scrub because the granules are smaller.

Coconut Oil

I'm sure you've heard a bit about this ingredient. It's basically the holy grail of natural beauty products! It really sinks into the skin fast, leaving it moisturized but not greasy. It smells like the beach and it contains a lot of antioxidants!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Not only is this ingredient great for acne prone skin, but it also helps your skin open itself up to all the good things in life like Vitamin C and increased collagen production. Using it on your face is a great natural anti-aging component.

Natural Beeswax

This is a great natural skin protector. It creates a thin barrier over the skin, making sure that any moisturizing agents stay put. It also helps moisturize and soothes any temporary itching or rashes. Though it's a thick consistency, it actually can help exfoliate as well.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E blocks chemicals and toxins that speed up the aging process. It helps smooth wrinkles and fade dark spots.

As always, every ingredient used in this scrub is of the highest quality. This scrub is simple to use; just wet your face and massage the scrub into your face with a circular motion. Rinse well, pat dry and you're done! Enjoy your beautiful skin.
December 02, 2016 by Bold Commerce
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