The PlayHouse Bed: The PERFECT Montessori Accessory!

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to create a "Life-Giving" home for my children. One of the ways I'm doing that is by giving them an environment where their imaginations can run wild. It's so important for little ones to have the freedom to dream big and think up new adventures. I'm beginning to fill my home with things that prompt them to play and explore.


One of the things I'm excited to add to our home is the PlayHouse Bed. The concept of a House Bed appears to have started with an Etsy shop called Sweet HOMEfromwood that's owned by a sweet girl in Latvia. The creator made these beds with the Montessori style of learning in mind. Montessori is when you work on developing your child's natural interests instead of using a formal teaching method. A lot of parents like this because it gives their little one the freedom to explore their own interests and become fully who they want to be, not what a formal education system molds them into.

Just because this method brings freedom, doesn't mean it's super laid-back. There's a lot of intention that goes into creating an environment that fits Montessori standards. Luckily, the PlayHouse Bed is a great addition to start with. This is a sturdily built frame that is the perfect skeleton for hours of playtime. Your little ones can play house, dress-up, and have all their tea parties in this sweet fort. It's a wonderful conversation piece for parents and it truly gives your child a building block for Montessori play.

The blank frame means that you can decorate this space any way you want and your child can have a say on everything from what bedding you use to what "roof" you place on top. Not only is this bed a great play tool, but it's also a wonderful sleep aid. Customize it with the best mattress you can find and your little one will be sleeping in no time. Many parents have found that giving their child a fun bed like this helps them to transition from crib to "big" bed easier, which makes this bed a total win for everyone!

Each one of these beds is handcrafted by North Carolina craftsmen, who place the highest value on a job well done. You can rest assured knowing that this bed is a worthwhile investment for your little one and yourself.

How do you promote imaginative play?
December 23, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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