How You Can Stop the Mommy Wars

Have you heard of the phrase, "Mommy Wars?" To keep a long story short, Mommy Wars happen when Mothers of different views decide to come against each other. Instead of giving each other the support we deserve, these wars isolate Moms and create an us versus them mentality. We don't have to play into the Mommy Wars! Here are some simple ways that you can stop Mommy Wars from invading your personal circle.


Embrace Uniqueness

Every Mom is different in the way that she parents. Some might use a grace-filled approach to discipline while another might be more strict. Some might be "crunchy" while others have an easy does it approach. None of these approaches to parenting are totally correct and none of these things makes someone a good Mom. When we think about what truly matters, like the love we have for our children and the desire to give them the best life possible, we can start embracing uniqueness. Even if you don't agree with a particular view on parenting, there is a small something to get from another Moms example. Embrace the uniqueness of others without trying to change them!


Step Outside of Your Circle

Moms of a feather flock together, but when we step out of our social circle and befriend a Mama who has a different approach to parenting, we break down walls. It's kind of like a snooty high-school clique, where the only way to demolish it is to believe there's a place for everyone in the same circle. You might not feed your family the same way, but I guarantee the love you have for your little ones is the exact same!


Stop Mom-Shaming

The biggest way to start a Mommy war is to shame another Mom. It can be easy to judge someone else, especially when we don't understand their way of doing things. But when we make an effort to only speak positively about other Moms, we lift them up and show our support. Moms have enough on their plate without being judged by someone who is supposed to have their back!

Women are a powerful force and we have the strength to band together and banish Mommy Wars completely. Let's bring a movement of support, love and respect to motherhood instead.
April 08, 2016 by Irina Hubbard
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