How to Give Your Child a Positive Outlook

A positive outlook on life will take a person far. No one likes someone who always looks at the negative side of things. Thinking positive makes someone more determined, happy and more fun to be around. These people can't help but attract more positive things! It's important to give our kids a positive outlook on life. Read on for my tips on creating a positive attitude in your child!


Use Positive Language

Parrots and children are more similar than you think. How are you speaking to your child? Are you using positive language, giving them grace for their mistakes and teaching them to not be so hard on themselves? If your little ones hear positive things, they will start speaking positive things themselves.


Look on the Bright Side

Bad things are bound to happen in life. There's no person who has all sunshine, all the time! When we look for something good in a situation, we show our kids how to be in control of their emotions. Positive thinkers don't let their circumstances control them, but rather, they choose how to behave. The next time something goes wrong in life, try to find one positive thing about the situation and make sure your child hears you! You can even have your child come up with his own positive.

Gently Correct Negativity

When your child gets an overly negative attitude, show them that there's a better response! Everyone has the right to feel negative emotions, but we can choose to express them in a positive way. Gently show your child how to express his emotions in a way that doesn't bring negativity into the situation. A great example would be to vent about the situation without saying his whole life is horrible.


Place Positive Things Around Them

You can give your child a positive outlook on life by placing positive things around them. Signs in their rooms with uplifting quotes, little notes left in their lunchbox, encouraging phrases spoken to them and music with a good message are all great ways to create an atmosphere of positivity.

The best thing you can do to create a positive mindset in your child is to have one yourself. These tips can be used to help you grow your positive outlook as well. It is possible to have a good attitude regardless of what's going on in the world! How do you stay positive?
April 15, 2016 by Catlyn Hoepner
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