How to Treat Yourself for $10 or Less!

How to Treat Yourself for $10 or Less!

Self-care is something that is often overlooked by parents, though it shouldn't be. Moms pour into the lives of their families nonstop. This is a wonderful thing, but it's easy to run on empty. Here are a few ways you can treat yourself that don't cost a fortune. Actually, they all cost around $10! Your challenge is to do at least one of these things in the next week. 


A Nice, Long Bath

This is one of my favorite ways to indulge. You can purchase new bubbles, bath bombs, or oil to make this a special soak. I like to bring my favorite book and some soothing music along. If you already have a stash of bath goodies, spend that money on a nice bottle of wine!



You can purchase a whole month of Netflix for about $10. That's a lot of days spent relaxing in front of your favorite show. I get nostalgic over old shows, exercise my mind through documentaries and laugh at the funny comedies. Plus, you can also buy yourself some time if you share the account with your kids.


Coffee Shop Date for One

There's nothing more relaxing than going to the coffee shop by yourself. While this isn't overly expensive, it does feel completely luxurious. Choose your favorite coffee and treat and relax with a good book. Sometimes, I will savor my coffee while people watching. It's nice to get out into the real world every so often.



This is great if you find yourself in a "Mom-Slump". Go to your favorite store and choose something to perk up your looks. Maybe it's a new lipstick, blush or mascara. You might use this as an excuse to purchase hair dye or a hot tool. The point is to buy something little that will give you a boost.

Another spin on this treat is to go thrift shopping and use your $10 budget to find some cute new duds! I've been able to score some awesome things!


Simple Meditation

Taking the time to simply sit in the quiet is mind-renewing. Find a quiet place and think positive thoughts. You can focus on a mantra or Scripture if you'd like. Sometimes, I just sit and focus on my breathing. This is one of the most beneficial things I do!

Taking care of you is one of the most important parts of parenting. How do you take time for yourself?
June 17, 2016 by Irina Hubbard
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